About FoodFacts

Published on Friday, 08 February 2013 16:52

Foodfacts is the largest and most comprehensive internet source for nutrition facts, ingredient information, allergens, controversial ingredients and everything else that a conscientious consumer needs to know.

Foodfacts.com was founded by Stanley Rak over ten years ago to better understand what we are all eating and feeding to our families. Our one-of-a-kind product database is a must-use tool for any family with allergies, dietary restrictions, or concerns about the use (and overuse) of controversial ingredients.

We answer the question: “What is really in my food?”

Company Values
FoodFacts.com is dedicated to being the most credible and comprehensive resource on food ingredients to promote the enjoyment of optimum nutrition and health. Our constant and
steadfast approach to expanding services, database information and enhancing our community interaction platforms, is a significant part of this commitment to the consumer.

What We Believe
FoodFacts.com believes in giving the consumer the straight facts, objectively and directly, without any bias or filtering! This is refreshingly a total, holistic approach to consumer nutritional information and education. We have a relentless commitment to move forward with the most comprehensive and advantageous "one stop" source of ingredients and nutritional information available on the Internet today. We will settle for no less.