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Our Score on Your Products

Published on Wednesday, 10 October 2012 15:13

Using the trusted Health Score on your labeling will signal to consumers that your product has been independently evaluated for both nutritional value and quality of ingredients.  It displays a dedication to your product’s integrity and a commitment to your customer’s health and wellness.

At this time, is more than happy to allow the use of our Health Score on your product’s labeling free of charge.  We also grant the right to use our Health Score on your website and in your advertising, provided that it is always referred to as the “ Health Score.”


  • Only our official Health Score Label may be used.  We will gladly work with your labeling department to make changes if necessary, but we retain approval rights on the final look of the Scoring Label.
  • The right to use our Health Score Label is granted per UPC and cannot be transferred to another product.  Each product must be scored individually.
  • Should the formulation, ingredients, nutritional value, allergens, or manufacturing of the product change, you must notify us immediately so that the Health Score can be reviewed.  If the change impacts the score, you must revise or remove our Health Score Label from your packaging
  • We will review any product bearing our Health Score Label on a yearly basis.  Should the product change in a way that impacts the score, you must revise or remove our Health Score Label from your packaging.

Examples of the Health Score Label:


If you would like to add our Health Score to your products, labels, advertising or more, please contact us at