Ingredients To Avoid

Published on Saturday, 23 June 2012 22:33

  • Peanuts
  • Ground or mixed nuts
  • Cold pressed, expressed, expelled peanut oil
  • Artificial nuts (peanuts de-flavored then re-flavored with other nuts)
  • Peanut butter
  • Peanut flour
  • Hydrolyzed plant protein (may contain peanuts if imported)
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (may contain peanuts if imported)
  • Cookies, pastries
  • Ice cream, frozen desserts (may contain peanuts)
  • Energy bars
  • Cereals and granola
  • Grain breads
  • Marzipan (a molding confection made of nuts, egg whites and sugar)
  • Nougat (may contain peanuts)
  • Salad dressings
  • Chocolate candies, nut butters
  • Sunflower seeds (can be cross-contaminated in food processing with equipment also used to process peanuts)
  • African, Chinese, Indonesian, Mexican, Thai and Vietnamese dishes
  • Foods sold in bakeries and ice-cream shops may come in contact with peanuts
  • Arachis oil (another name for peanut oil)
  • Homemade Spaghetti sauce or Chili (peanut flour and/or peanut butter can sometimes be used as a thickener)